Accessing Faculty Web Space

Accessing Your Files

Once your faculty web space is setup (request web space) you may access your files so long as you are on the campus network, using VPN if working remotely.

Over the Network

Windows Users
from the start menu (command line)

Mac Users 
Finder > Go > Connect to Server

Using FTP

  • Address or Hostname:
  • Username: your.username (same as your myRedDragon username)
  • Password: same as your myRedDragon password

Accessing Your Website

The URL or address of your site will be:

Unless you specify a specific document or webpage filename in the address bar (URL) you will need a homepage in your folder. This is a page that is brought up by default if no page is specified. Your home page needs to have one of the following filenames:

  • default.htm
  • index.htm
  • index.html
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