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Stop Phishing Scams

You’re already busy working on far too many things, and you receive an email message telling you there is something wrong with your account, or you need to visit a page to ensure your account remains active. You follow the instructions, and the next thing you know, your account is locked. It turns out the whole thing was a scam, and someone half-way around the world sent out hundreds, or even thousands of new scam messages using your account.  Often they even appear to come from SUNY Cortland Faculty, Staff and Students.

Think before you click...
Never share your passwords with anyone.

SUNY Cortland Information Resources, your bank, FedEx, the IRS, your credit card company and other reputable institutions will never ask for your password by email, phone, text message, or in person.

Financial or medical institutions may communicate with you via secure messaging. You may receive an email from a financial or medical institution informing you of this message, but it will never ask for your personal information or password.

Do not click on any embedded buttons in a phishing email, especially those that say "unsubscribe" or "remove me from this mailing list, log on now, protect your account ...etc." These links often install malware on your system.

Call the individual or office that purportedly sent the email to confirm that it is a real request.

Think before you click, really think before supplying a username and/or password.  Does this seem legit, have I seen this login page before, look at the URL.  Do not browse to links via email on a mobile device, it can wait until you are at a bigger screen.

How to Report a Phishing Scam

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To help our users quickly and easily identify potential phishing attempts, we will place a banner on emails that originate from outside of college-approved locations. The banner will appear in the first line of the body of the email

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