Respondus Lockdown Browser Student Instructions

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Respondus Lockdown Browser for Students

Download Instructions

  • Select the quiz in the course
  • Under Quiz Requirements you will see "Requires Respondus LockDown Browser"

  • Below this will appear: "You can use the button below if you have not already downloaded LockDown Browser". Click the button to go to the download page and then follow the instructions
  • Use the link to download Respondus LockDown Browser to your computer; follow the installation instructions

Download or start quiz

  • Return to the Quiz page in Brightspace (it may still be open in another tab) and select the quiz
  • Select "Launch LockDown Browser"
  • The quiz will now start

Note: LockDown Browser only needs to be installed once on a computer or device. It will start automatically from that point forward when a quiz requires it.

Respondus Student Instructions pdf

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