Opting out of Electronic Materials for a Course

In many instances your instructor may have arranged for course materials through the bookstore and you have already been charged for them.  If you have obtained the required materials through an alternative means you have a very short window of time to Opt Out of purchasing the course materials.

In your Brightspace course there will be a link to the Course Materials.  There are several names this link may be, check with your instructor or in the syllabus to be sure.


Click on the link to be brought to eCampus and a listing of your course materials. There may be several books listed and all will show you as Opted In (green check).  There is also a last date to Opt Out.  You can choose to Opt Out by clicking on the Want to opt-out? button. 


A prompt will appear to the right of the screen which gives you more information about the book and when the cut-off is to OPT IN again. 

If you do choose to Opt Out choose the reason and then select the Opt Out button.

You will receive a confirmation of your choice.



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