Posting a Document for Only One Section in a Merged Brightspace Course


How to give access to a document in Brightspace to only one section in a merged course.


In Brightspace, if your courses are merged, you may want to share a document with one one section, rather than all of the sections that have been merged. Please follow the instructions below to make a document only visible to one section.


Navigate to where you want the document uploaded. Click on Upload/Create


From here you will click Upload and then select the blue Add button.


Next, you'll need to navigate to the document on your computer and upload it. Once the file has been added, you will then click on the drop down menu next to the title of the document and select Edit Properties in Place.


When the page updates you will scroll down below the document to where it says Release Conditions, and select Create.


When the next window opens, you will need to select the type of release condition that you want to apply. You do that by clicking the drop down menu where it says Select Condition Type.


Next, you'll scroll down through the list of release conditions and select the one that says Section Enrollment.


Now that the release condition type has been added, you will need to select the course section that will have access to the document. To do this, click on the drop down menu where it says Select Section.


Next choose the section you want to have access.


Confirm you have the correct release condition selected, confirm you have the correct section selected, then click Create.


Don't forget to click Update, to save all of the changes. 


And now, below your document it should specify the section that has access to the document. 




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