Adding a Backup Authentication Method for Microsoft MFA


Step by step instructions to add authentication by text or authentication by Microsoft MFA app to a MyRedDragon account


Why add a second authentication method?

Microsoft MFA allows users to add multiple authentication methods including the Microsoft Authenticator mobile app and a phone number which allows for texted codes and calls.

Setting up two methods gives users more flexibility in how they sign in; the authenticator App works over WiFi and cellular data, while the text/call work over cellular data and can be useful when no Wifi is available. The Authenticator app will work if the student travels internationally, as it works on any WiFi connection. When a student gets a new phone, if they keep the same phone number, rolling the Authenticator app over to the new device is a simpler process when they can use the call/text authentication method.

The instructions below will show you how to add a backup method, if you already have the Authenticator app, follow the steps to add auth by text. If you already have auth by text, follow the instructions to add the Authenticator app.

Adding Authentication by Text Message

  1. Log in to MyRedDragon and click the View Account link in the top right corner of the screenMyRedDragon user dropdown box. Options to Sign out, View Account, My Microsoft 365 profile, sign in with different account
  2. In the Security info box, click Update Info

Box for Security Info. Keep your verification mehtods and security info up to date. Select Update Info

  1. Click Add sign-in method and select Phone from the drop-down box that appears

Security Info. These are the methods you use to sign into your account or reset your password. Select Add sign-in method

  1. Enter in the phone number you would like verification codes sent to
  2. A verification code will be sent to your phone. Enter the code into the field that appears. If you do not receive the code, click Resend code

We just sent a 6 digit code to your phone number. Enter the code below. Option to resend code.

Adding the Microsoft Authenticator App

  1. Download the Microsoft Authenticator app from the the Google or Apple app store.

Microsoft Authenticator app in the Iphone App store. Protects your online identity

  1. Open the Microsoft Authenticator app and select Add work or school account

Options in MFA app to sign in with Microsoft, Add a work or school account, scan a QR code, or restore from backup

  1. Enter your Cortland email address, and verify your identity by text or phone

Select Verify your identity by text, or by call

  1. Click Finish to complete the process

You can now use the following sign-in methods: Notification approvals and One-Time Password codes. Select Finish



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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security technology that helps protect your SUNY Cortland account. It confirms your identity when you log in to Cortland systems.