Grade Items (Columns) and Categories: Creating


How to create grade categories and items in the grade book in Brightspace.


Creating Grade Items

On the course home page, click Grades.

In the Manage Grades area, click Category or Item from the New button.



If creating a new item, set the desired preferences and options.

Here, you can choose what type of grade item you want to create:

  • Numeric grades are point-based
  • Selectbox allows you to grade based on level of achievement
  • Pass/Fail uses a simple pass/fail grade schemes
  • Formula allows you to grade based on an Excel-like formula
  • Calculated grades sum achievements across multiple grade items
  • Text allows you to enter text-only comments

Once you choose the type you will be presented with the options for that grade item. 


Creating Grade Categories


If creating a new category, set the desired preferences and options.


Click Save and Close.



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