Webex - linking to Brightspace


Adding Webex Virtual meetings

Webex is an online conferencing tool that enables you to have synchronous sessions with your students. In order to use Webex with your Brightspace course to reach your students, you must first create a link to the Tool. You can create the link from the Content area.


To Create Link first choose Content from the Nav bar:



If you have several modules in your course, choose the module where you want to place Webex (Information in this example)


Choose Existing Activities and then External Learning Tools:


Choose Webex-COR from the external tool list:


The link will be added to your content area.  From here you can edit the name of the link and the visibility by clicking on the arrow to the right of the name and then Edit Properties in Place:

When you make changes to the name and other attributes to the link make sure you choose Update.


To Activate Webex Within Your Course

Click on the link that you created for Webex in your course

This will establish an LTI link to the Webex servers. If it does not work when you click on it, try again later.

After the LTI link is established, you will then see your options for setting up Webex within your course

In the Choose your features section, select the parts of the tool that you would like to use:

  • Classroom Collaboration:  Please do not choose we are not licensed for this tool.
  • Virtual Meetings:  Use Webex to hold Live class meetings for review or recitation. 
  • Office Hours: Setup a schedule of virtual office hours appointments right from your Blackboard page.

Choose your features in Bb webex integration

Click Apply. They will now appear in a menu at the top left of your page



Set-up a Class Meeting

To create a meeting, choose New Meeting.

Create meeting section of Webex for Bb

Fill in the meeting information:

1. Name of meeting

2. Date and Time of meeting, or if recurring meetings, date and time of first meeting.

3. Duration.  Note: It is ok to go over the meeting duration, your live meeting will not be cut off.

4. Session Type - leave as the default - Meeting.

5. Recurrence: If this is one meeting, go ahead and choose Create Meeting.  If you are setting up weekly meetings for the semester see below.


New meeting information fill ins


To set up recurring meetings.

1. Choose if you want the meeting to repeat weekly or monthly.

2. Choose the repeat frequency (every week in this case).

3. Choose the days of the week for the repeat.

4. Check the radial button in from of the ending date and then choose the date. 

NOTE: It is very difficult to see the radial button in front of the end date.  If you do not check this button; the meetings will end by default after 10 occurrences.

5. Choose Create Meeting

REcurring meeting set up


You may be presented with a CAPTCHA. This is a feature of Webex and cannot be turned off.  Once complete your meetings will be created.


You may be prompted to Authorise the application for use in the LMS calendar - this is not necessary but you may wish to do it. 


You can also set an availability/visibility for the tool:






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