Why create a pdf?


Security is the main reason for which PDF files are chosen by professionals in the business and academic world, because it is difficult to alter PDFs even with the correct software. Also, PDF files are visible on any device, so they are not confined to use on a specific device. This is particularly useful as it means they can be viewed on both Apple and Microsoft computers and on smartphones and other mobile devices, and PDF readers are usually free, meaning that any authorized user can access a file without being charged.

When considering what level of security is needed an important question would be - Where will the pdf be shared?

If a document is only going to be shared with a few people perhaps between offices or in a class, the level of security may not need to be high and an accessible Read Only Word document may be sufficient

Creating a Read-Only Word document

  1. On the Review tab choose Restrict Editing
  2. In the Restrict Editing pane enter a checkmark in the box before “Allow only this type of editing”
  3. Make sure that “No changes (Read Only)” is chosen in the dropdown
  4. Select the “Yes, Start Enforcing Protection” button
  5. In the Start Enforcing Protection dialog box enter a password if you want to, it is not necessary
  6. Select OK

Accessibility is the goal of all documents that will be shared at the college, so if the document will be shared via Blackboard, email or posted on the website it needs to be made accessible.




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