How do I add someone to Brightspace?


All participants in a Brightspace course must have campus sponsored documentation to be added to the course.


All participants in a Brightspace course must have campus sponsored documentation to be added to the course.  

Faculty/Staff Access:

Brightspace Observer Access (PDF Form) (Completed form emailed to Registrar's office)
This form is used to provide access to SUNY Cortland instructors, supplemental instruction leaders, tutors and assistants with student level access to a Brightspace course.  Observers do NOT have editing or faculty level access.

Co-Instructor Authorization (PDF Form) (Completed form emailed to Registrar's office)
Department chairs and instructors will use this form to authorize multiple instructors for a course. This will grant faculty access to the course in Brightspace, in addition to listing the instructor as a co-instructor on the official schedule.

Embedded Librarian (Email)
Embedded librarians are integrated information experts that offer more direct research assistance to groups of students than the typical one-shot instruction session, often over the course of an entire semester. Librarians can be added to a Brightspace section by emailing Design Help.


Student Access:

TA/GA Confidentiality Agreement  (Web Based Form)
Provides student access to Brightspace using specialized roles for students. Students fill out the form which is then emailed to the Instructor.  The Instructor fills in the level of access the student receives and to which course.  Once submitted it will be processed in approximately 48 hours.

Petition to Audit (Web page) 
Auditing permission may be granted to current SUNY Cortland students, faculty and staff.


If you are a student making up an incomplete grade (policy) your faculty member may want you added to a current semesters course. 




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