How to download Webex Videos and post them to Yuja

Users are able to record their Webex meetings. Webex is not a video streaming or cloud storage solution, so keeping the videos in Webex is not advisable. Information Resources recommends hosting videos in Yuja, our video streaming platform.

Downloading Your Videos

Recorded videos should be available for download within 24 hours.

In a Web browser, navigate to the Webex portal at

Choose Sign in, then log in to Webex with your SUNY Cortland email address,

you will then be prompted to sign in to a myRedDragon style login page, sign in to this like you normally would.

In the navigation panel on the left, click Recordings

This will bring you to a view of all of your saved recordings

Check the box next to any videos you want to download then click the Download button

webex recordings page with box checked and download button highlighted

This will download your videos to your computer

Uploading Your Videos to Yuja

Yuja is SUNY Cortland's official video streaming platform. You do not need to request an account for Yuja.

Instructions for logging in to Yuja and uploading a video can be found here.

Posting Yuja Videos To Brightspace

Yuja videos can easily be embedded into your Brightspace course. Instructions for doing so can be found here.

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