Teams - Create a Team

Create a Team

  1. When your Teams app opens, select the Teams tab on the left side of the app
  2. In the upper right corner of the screen select the Join or create team button. If your tab is in List View the Join or Create Team button will be at the bottom of the list – the lower left corner of the screen.

Join or create team button

Join or create team button

  1. Select the Create a team button – you need to click on the page or hover over the Create a team square to make the button appear.

Create team button

  1. Select the type of team you would like to create.

Each type of team will have different default tabs on the General channel.


Other – Posts (chat) and Files

Staff – Posts (chat), Files, and Staff Notebook (OneNote)

Professional Learning Community – Posts (chat), Files, PLC Notebook (OneNote notebook)

Class – Posts, Files, Class Notebook (OneNote Class notebook), Assignments, Grades

team types

  1. Enter the team name, a description if you would like and choose the privacy level of the team. It is recommended that a work-related team be private, while a club or organization could be public.
    Please note: Anyone in our organization (with a email address) can join a public team. Files from a public team are visible to anyone in our organization and even if those files are not searched for, they may come up as ‘trending’ files on the Outlook mobile app.

Create team options

If you have already created a ‘group’ in Office 365, that group can be easily turned into a team.

Create from group option

  1. When you are done select the Next button to open the Add members to [Team Name] dialog box.
  2. Invite people from SUNY Cortland
    1. In the Name field enter the name of the org member, starting with their first name.
      You can also enter Group names to add all members to the team. (More information about Groups in Office 365)
    2. A list of people with matching names will be shown
    3. Click on the desired person from the list shown, their name will be shown in the blank field
    4. Choose Add to add them to the team
      (If you did not want to add them to the team, select the ‘x’ next to their name to delete the name selection.)

Screenshot of Add members box

Add Member from outside SUNY Cortland (no email address)

  1. Enter the e-mail address of the member in the name field
  2. Click Add [email] as a guest
    Add outside members
  3. When the email address is in the name field click on the pencil icon to edit the screen name of the invitee
    NOTE: This is the only opportunity to change the screen name of a guest
    Edit screen name
  4. Select the X to delete the changes, select the check mark to accept the changes
    Edited screen name
  5. Click Add to invite the person to the team.



Team Views

There are two ways to see the all the teams in your Teams tab in the app; grid view or list view, you can use the view that is most convenient for you.


Grid view vs. list view


To change your view:

  1. Select the Settings button next to the Join or create team button

    Settings buttons


  1. Choose Switch View
  2. In the Settings dialog box that opens, General tab > Layout section choose the view you want

View choices

  1. There is no Save button so after changing the view select the ‘x’ in the top right corner of the dialog box to close it. The new view will be available.



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