Adding YuJa to a Blackboard Course

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YuJa is added to Blackboard as a tool. When the tool is added to Blackboard, a corresponding channel is added to YuJa.

To add Yuja:

  1. Open the Blackboard course
  2. In the top left corner of the commands column select the plus sign
  3. From the menu that drops down select Tool Link
  4. In the Add Tool Link box enter a name for the tool, i.e., YuJa, Videos, etc..
  5. Select the arrow to the right of the Type field and choose YuJa Video Platform from the menu
  6. Click the box next to Available to Users
  7. Select Submit


When you access YuJa in your Blackboard course you will initially see the home page. Students will only see the content that is shared with them in the course/channel.


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