New Employee Onboarding Process

C Number

A C number is available for a new hire within 24-48 hours of Human Resources filing a new hire's paperwork. The C number will be available for new employees and supervisors in the automated onboarding system.

NetID/MRD account and Email

The NetID is the username for signing in to myRedDragon and campus computers  This account should be ready within 2-3 days of the C number being assigned.

The standard format for an employee's NetID is firstname.lastname, if there is already a user with that NetID, a number will be appended (Example: John.Smith02)

The employee's email address will be The email inbox will be created up to 90 days before the employee's start date. The 90-day period allows incoming faculty with a fall start date to access email over the summer. You can begin emailing the inbox when it appears in the Outlook address list.

An employee user who knows their C number can contact the Technology Help Center to receive their NetID and email.

Access granted automatically

Incoming faculty/staff will automatically be granted access to the following:

Brightspace (faculty only, staff needing access would need to request access)
Office 365
U Drive
Department share folders

Access that must be requested


If new computer equipment is needed, please submit a Hardware/software Request at least 2 weeks before the employee's start date (3-4 weeks for custom hardware requests).

If the user is being assigned a former employee's computer, a Trickle Down Request must be submitted using the Hardware/Software request form.

Some common software access that needs to be requested includes:

Shared Folders that are not shared to entire departments. The dept head can email the details of what folder and who needs access to

Banner Client Authorization

User authorization form to request access to Banner for administrative offices and administrative assistants

Self Service Banner Authorization

User authorization form to request access to view self service banner where you can see student and advisee and class information. This access is generally faculty, coaches, and administrative assistants

Argos Reporting Service

A reporting tool that allows users to access and extract information from various SUNY Cortland databases

Formstack Account Request
Request a Formstack account for creating online forms in Formstack.

WebEx Account Request
Submit this request form to receive a WebEx account.

Use the "I need help with Onbase" button to request an account and/or change to access for Onbase.

Campus Communicator Sender Request

Use the form to request access to use Campus Communicator to send targeted emails to groups on campus.
• Other installed software needs to be requested using the Hardware/Software request form.
Request New Employee Technology Orientation


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