Teams - Download the App

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app that helps you stay organized and have conversations with your team. It is a messaging app, a workspace for real-time collaboration and communication, meetings, file and app sharing, all in one place.

Teams is available to everyone with a email address through Office 365. Although it is available in a browser, Teams is better if you download the app.


Download the Teams App

To download Teams to your computer:

  1. Select the app launcher (nine white dots) in the top left corner of your MyRedDragon or webmail screen
  2. From the Office 365 dropdown choose Teams
  3. The message you will get is:

  1. Select the Get the Windows app button to download Teams to your computer


Also, if you are invited to a Teams meeting you will be given the opportunity to download the Teams app:


The other option is to download the app from the web:


  1. Search Microsoft Teams download in your browser
  2. Select the Microsoft download site


  1. Choose Download for desktop


Again, although Teams is available as a browser app, it is recommended that you use the installed Windows app, especially for meetings.



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