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Getting Started

First, apply for your Cortland Webex account using the form in the Popular Links section on the Tech Help tab of MyRedDragon. In approximately 2 hours you will receive an email from Cisco with the subject line “SUNY Cortland has invited you to Webex”.

Open the email, scroll down and choose Activate

Introductory email

If you do not receive an email in about a day, please try to log in to sunycortland.webex.com with your Cortland credentials.

This will open your web page:

webex home page

You can bookmark this page or sign in here again from sunycortland.webex.com

From your Webex home page, you can:

  • start or schedule a meeting
  • see your list of upcoming meetings
  • access your meeting recordings



Next, go to the Downloads tab on your Webex home page.

webex downloads tab

Download both the Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App and the Cisco Webex Productivity Tools, then install them per your operating system.

webex downloads page

The app will look like this:

Cisco Webex Meetings desktop app

This Productivity Tools download will add a Webex buttons to your installed version of Outlook:

webex group in Outlook

If you are on a Mac, the button will be on the far-right side of the Outlook Home tab.


Change your picture

Initially your account will have a large circle with your initials. If you are in a meeting and your camera is turned off the presenter will see those initials. You may want to change those initials to a picture or avatar for a more personal look.

To do this, on your Webex home page, hover over the circle with your initials, you will see a ‘Change’ button, click that button.

change picture button

This will open your Account Settings page. Click on the circle with your initials to open your file manager to upload a picture or avatar.

No other information on the Account Settings page can be changed.


What type of meeting should you use?

There are two types of meetings in Webex, a Personal Room meeting or a standard scheduled Pro Meeting.

For office hours, use Personal Room

For course sessions, use Pro Meeting

Personal Room meetings are best for impromptu meetings, and for back-to-back meetings like office hours or advising appointments, when the host wants to remain in one meeting room for several meetings and have attendees join at different times.

  • URL (web address) which does not change and is specific to you. All Personal Room meetings use your Personal Room URL as the meeting link that users click to join. You can find your Personal Room URL by looking underneath the Personal Room title.
  • Allows you to ‘open the door’ for a specific attendee and ‘expel’ an attendee.
  • Attendees can’t join before the meeting starts.
  • If you lock your Personal Room, people wait in the virtual lobby until you admit them.


personal room info


Standard scheduled meetings (Webex Pro Meeting)

You can schedule a meeting from your Cisco Webex site or from your mobile device if you have downloaded the mobile app

  • You can schedule single occurrence or recurring meetings
  • You can choose to require registration when you schedule the meeting
  • Attendees must have the correct meeting number or meeting URL to join the meeting
  • You can choose to allow the attendees to join the meeting up to 15 minutes before start time when you schedule the meeting
  • Each meeting has a unique meeting URL that users click to join. New meeting information is generated for each session 


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