Classroom/Lab Software Request

Faculty may request new software titles for the campus computing labs and/or classrooms using the form below. Before submitting a request, please consider the following:

• Is this a request for instructional software?

• Have you looked at the list of titles already available in the campus classrooms and computing labs?

• Are there any packages already available in the labs/classrooms that will meet your needs? If a similar package is already installed, the requester must justify purchase and installation of the new package on the basis of why the existing package cannot meet the instructional needs of the course.

When your request is submitted, it will be reviewed based on the following:

• Availability of similar packages

• Number of students to be served

• Compatibility with operating system (Windows 10 or Macintosh) used in the computing lab/Tech. classroom.

In order to ensure that all courseware is fully tested and will not compromise the availability of software in our standard workstation environments, we have established deadlines. These deadlines are as follows:

Term Deadline
Spring Term November 1
Summer Session April 1
Fall Term May 1


These deadlines allow CTS sufficient time to test the software and identify and resolve any potential conflicts with existing software packages, prior to releasing the package into production. In the event that a piece of software will not work in a given environment, the requestor will be notified immediately to discuss an alternative solution.

Final decisions on the next semester’s software request will be communicated by the last day of classes in the current semester.

NOTE: New software requests submitted after the deadlines are not guaranteed to be available by the start of classes.

Because CTS must ensure that new software will not cause conflicts with existing software, no new software or software upgrades will be installed on production systems during an academic term. While we can sometimes accommodate requests for software installations during the term, we cannot guarantee availability. We do understand that this can cause some inconveniences but we hope that everyone will understand our desire to maximize the uptime and availability of our labs and classrooms by trying to maintain strict standards for testing new software.

It is the responsibility of the course instructor to test all requested software in the classroom/lab prior to class startup and notify CTS of any concerns at least 2 weeks prior to the first day of classes.

Campus Technology Services reserves the right to charge academic departments for limited or unsupported software. Please refer to the Software Support Policy by logging into MRD, go to Tech Help, Policies.

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