Campus Communicator is a custom messaging system, designed by and for SUNY Cortland. It gives students, faculty, and staff the power to select which types of email get delivered directly to their inbox. Senders will be able “tag” their messages with categories to be delivered to the appropriate audiences while recipients can subscribe to the categories to customize their email deliveries. In addition, all email sent campus-wide via Communicator will be combined into a single message delivered at the end of the day, called a digest email. Email sent using Communicator will also be posted to myRedDragon and can be included on departmental web pages.

Services (3)

Campus Communicator

Tool used to send targeted emails to groups on campus.

Campus Communicator Sender Request

Use the form to request access to use Campus Communicator to send targeted emails to groups on campus.

Formstack Account Request

Request a Formstack account for creating online forms in Formstack.