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Proper archiving of the course ensures that it can be restored within Blackboard should content be needed at a later time.
A Webex meeting is an online meeting that allows you to virtually meet with other people, without leaving your home or office. You will need a built in microphone and camera or an external webcam with both to use the full features of this tool.
Your professor may hold Virtual Office Hours in Webex that you can access through your Blackboard course. This article walks you through step by step, the Webex link in Blackboard may vary based on the instructor.
In discussions, you can share thoughts and ideas about class materials, course members can have the thoughtful discussions that take place in the traditional classroom.
Student guide on submitting an assignment in Blackboard.
When you are finished with a course and no longer wish to view it in your course list, you can remove it from the My Courses section on the My Institution tab or the Courses tab in Blackboard.
This guide goes over creating assignments with and without the SafeAssign Features. An assignment can be thought of as a place where students can submit original work.
Announcements are an ideal way to post time-sensitive information critical to course success. Add announcements for these types of course activities, such as due dates for assignments and projects, changes to your syllabus, corrections/clarifications of materials, exam schedules.
Even if you schedule your class meetings in Blackboard, you can invite a guest speaker or colleagues to participate.
A student guide for checking grades on Blackboard.
Using Ensemble streaming video server to provide video to students in Blackboard.