Faculty Computer Replacement Plan


The Faculty Computer Replacement Plan outlines the systematic approach and procedure for updating computer hardware across academic departments, ensuring faculty have the necessary technology for their work and that equipment meets campus standards and security protocols.



The Faculty Computer Replacement Plan, formerly known as the Desktop Replacement Plan, aims to achieve two primary objectives:

  • Establish a uniform computer refresh strategy across all academic departments, ensuring that faculty and associated personnel have access to the latest technology essential for their core instructional responsibilities.
  • Maintain computer hardware at a supported level that aligns with campus standards and adheres to information security protocols.


  1. CTS (Campus Technology Services) will compile a list of computers eligible for replacement, considering their age and technology components (such as CPU generation), using data from the CTS Asset Tracking System(s).
  2. The employment status of the assigned computer user will be verified with Human Resources by CTS.
  3. A email will be sent to individual to confirm their need and preferences for the replacement.
  4. Following need confirmation, orders for replacement computers will be initiated.
  5. The prioritization of replacement and delivery will favor those with systems significantly below the current standards.
  6. Decommissioned computers must be returned for either reserve inventory or proper disposal.

Replacement Coverage

  • The replacement includes the current standard computer offering and up to two monitors. Custom computer and monitors orders exceeding the current standard requires approval and financial backing from the Department Chair.
  • Departments are financial responsible for any costs associated with repairing or replacing equipment that has been damaged due to improper care or usage, in cases where repairs are not covered by the warranty.

Eligible Computers

Eligibility for replacement extends to the primary Windows or Mac OS computer, whether a laptop or desktop, assigned to Permanent Full-time Teaching Faculty, Full-Time Lecturers, Athletic Trainers, Full-Time Coaches, and Academic Department Administrative Assistants. Eligibility is based on whether these computers no longer meet the technical standards as defined by Desktop Support Services. Secondary-use and research computers are excluded from this eligibility.

Retirement from Full-Time

Under NYS law, equipment bought with University funds cannot be sold or given directly to an individual. Upon ending full-time employment with the University, any university-owned equipment assigned to the individual must be returned. Computers purchased through grant funding must adhere to the grants terms. Faculty transitioning to part-time roles or other official capacities can request to retain their computers by completing the Retiree Privileges Policy Request Form for Emeritus Discretionary Privileges.

Related Policy: Refer to the Procurement and Ownership of Technology Equipment policy for further details.



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