OneDrive - Creating a Dropbox


Using OneDrive, you can create a dropbox where users can upload files, but cannot see or edit the files which are already there.


Create the dropbox folder


  1. Select the Office 365 app launcher
  2. Choose OneDrive from the list of apps
    Office 365 app launcher and OneDrive selection
  3. Select the New button in the top left of the screen
  4. Choose Folder from the menu
    New button, Folder choice
  5. Name the folder
    You can name the folder whatever you would like, but using a naming convention like “Dropbox for…” would make it easier to find in OneDrive
  6. Select the circle to the left of the folder name
  7. From the menu at the top of the screen choose Request Files
    Folder selection, Request files
  8. In the Request Files for this Folder box enter a description of the files you are requesting, select Next
    File description
  9. Copy the link for the file request, choose Done
    Copy the file link
    You can paste the link where it is available to those who need it or you can send the link via email to specific people in your organization, a group, or to the email of someone outside your organization.

  10. You will be notified that your file request was created.
    File request notification




Add the link to Brightspace


  1. In Brightspace add a module called Dropbox (or whatever is appropriate)
    Course Home view of Dropbox module
  2. Choose Upload/Create and Create a Link
    Create link in Brightspace
  3. Add the title of the link, the URL and be sure that Open as External Resource is checked
    New Link attributes
  4. The student will see this link in Brightspace
    Link in Brightspace
  5. ​​​​​​​When clicked this screen will open to upload files
    Upload screen for OneDrive dropbox




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