Audio playback issues in technology classroom


troubleshooting for audio not playing in classroom



There is no audio playback in a technology classroom


There are several places to check the volume settings

  1. Check the volume slider in the program you are using to play sound

    On youtube hover the mouse over the screen and the volume slider will appear
    volume slider on youtube video

    On Windows Media player the volume slider is at the bottom of the screen
    windows media player volume slider

  2. Check the volume setting in Windows

    Left click on the volume icon in the bottom right corner of the screen by where the clock is displayed

  3. Check the volume on the Crestron touch panel

  4. Confirm the Audio output device on the computer is set to the Crestron system

    Right click on the Windows volume icon and select Open sound Settings

    Confirm the device is set to the Crestron system
    windows sound devices with crestron selected

  5. If these steps do not work, call the Technology Help Center at 607-753-2500 and select option 1 to indicate you are having a technology issue in a class in progress.



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