Webex - Best Practices for Large Meetings


When organizing a meeting for a larger group, over 25 -30 people, there are some additional considerations you should think about when scheduling your Webex meeting.


Meeting or Event

You can easily schedule either a Meeting or an Event from your Webex homepage.

In a typical Webex meeting, every attendee will have a space with either their picture or initials, while in a Webex Event only the panelists and the host and cohosts have video capability, the other attendees, while able to see shared material, do not themselves have a video or even the ability to see a list of other attendees.


Entry and Exit Tone

In a Webex Meeting the default entry and exit tone is a beep. It is a best practice to change that to ‘No Tone’ in a larger meeting. If you have chosen to schedule a Webex Event, by default there is no entry and exit tone.

Change the entry tone when scheduling a meeting:

  1. Select Show Advanced Options
  2. Select Audio Connection Options
  3. Click the down arrow next to the ‘Entry and exit tone’ field
  4. Choose ‘No Tone’ from the dropdown





In a large meeting, especially if you choose to use the Q&A feature, you may want to limit who attendees can chat with or you may want to suppress the chat entirely.

By default, in a Webex meeting you can chat with everyone or privately with each attendee.

To limit the chat in a meeting:

  1. Choose Schedule meeting
  2. Select Show advanced options
  3. Select Scheduling options
  4. Click on Edit attendee privileges
  5. De-select the checkbox in front of the group you do not wish to be able to chat privately. If you de-select all the boxes, only public chat will be available.



To take away chat entirely in a meeting or event:

  1. From the scheduling page choose Show advanced options
  2. Scheduling options
  3. Edit event/meeting options
  4. De-select the ‘Chat’ box



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