Webex - Turning Webex Assistant On/Off


Turning Webex Assistant Off/On


When Webex Assistant is activated on your account it may activate automatically when you start a Webex meeting.

To stop Webex Assistant from automatically activating:

  1. Select the Preferences tab on your Webex home page
  2. Choose the Scheduling tab
  3. De-select the checkbox in front of “Automatically turn on the Webex Assistant whenever I start a meeting”

Preferences tab Webex


To turn on the Webex Assistant manually:


  1. Hover over the Assistant button in the lower left corner of your Webex meeting

Webex Assistant button

  1. The button will pop up to turn on Webex Assistant


  1. Select the Turn on Webex Assistant button

Turn on Webex Assistant button

  1. You will hear the “Webex Assistant is enabled to save audio highlights” message and the Caption & Highlights panel will open on the right side of your Webex meeting.

Captions & Highlights panel







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