Webex - Camera or Microphone not detected on a Mac


If you are able to launch Cisco Webex Meetings on your Mac, but get a message that no camera is detected and the start video button is greyed out, and/or your microphone is not detected follow the steps below.

Make Sure Cisco Webex Meetings has Permissions to use the Camera/Microphone

  1. Click the Apple Icon in the top left corner of the screen and select System Preferences
  2. Click on Security and Privacy
  3. Click on the Lock Icon at the bottom of the page to make changes. When prompted, provide the credentials you use to log into the Mac
  4. The list on the left pane is local resources, and the panel on the right is the applications you are allowing access to them. Find Cisco Webex Meetings under Camera, Microphone, and Screen Recording and make sure the box is checked.
    Note: Cisco Webex Meetings may appear multiple times in the list as seen below, make sure every instance is checked.
    Security and privacy settings screen. on the left camera, microphone, and screen recording are circled. on the right cisco webex meetings is circled twice
  5. Once the changes have been made, click the Lock Icon at the bottom again to apply the change. If it prompts you to restart the application restart it.

If the steps above do not resolve the issue, you will need to try uninstalling/reinstalling the Cisco Webex Meetings application. There is a special removal tool from Cisco to remove Webex which you must use in order for the uninstall to be successful. The tool and instructions can be found here:





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