Webex - Health Checker


If you are having connection or stability issues with your Webex meetings, the Health Checker may help you diagnose some issues.


The Webex Health Checker provides an intuitive, easy to understand status on how your meeting is performing based on your network and system conditions. If you are having issues with your meeting, such as lagging or connection issues, it is recommended that you run the Health Checker to see if your computer or your network may be the problem.


Find the Health Checker

  1. Start your meeting
  2. Select the Help tab at the top of the screen


Help tab with Health Checker button

  1. Choose Health Checker > Summary or Audio Video Statistics from the menu



Health Checker Summary


Audio & Video Statistics:

Health Checker Audio and Video Statistics

If the Health Status is:

  • Good – You’re able to have the full meeting experience
  • Poor – Issues may create some limitations for your meeting experience
  • Bad – Issues are definitely limiting your meeting experience



Fixing your Health Status


CPU and memory usage

If your CPU or memory usage is very high (>95%), this will negatively affect your Health Status. Your first step would be to restart your computer. If this does not help, there could be numerous causes from having too many background processes running to having malware on your computer. Please call The Help Center for assistance in determining how to fix this issue.

CPU and memory info


Network Connection

If network connection is substandard, you will see a yellow (poor) or red (bad) dot next to it. If you are working remotely you may need to restart your modem or your router. You may also want to use a different network connection. Otherwise you may want to use the campus network or an on-campus computer to host the meeting.

Network connection info


The Send Problem Report button

Selecting the Problem Report button will generate a zip file with logs and configuration settings, information that can be used to email or attach to a Support Case with WebEx. It doesn’t actually open a case.

If your computer can’t pass a Health Check, most of the time it is not a problem with Webex. So, it is not recommended to use the Send Problem Report button, it is more useful to call The Help Center.

Send Problem Report button



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