Installing WARP Zero Trust Client

  1. Run Make Me Admin (for Windows  or Mac) to activate administrative rights.
  2. Go to — The free app that makes your Internet faster. (
  3. Download the WARP client for your Windows or Mac computer, then install (you will need admin rights from Make Me Admin to complete the install).
  4. Once installed, open the WARP client from the new icon on your taskbar. This can be found on the lower right side of most Windows desktops. Cloudflare icon in taskbar
    1. click settings icon -> preferences.
      1. WARP. Toggle switch to turn client on or off. Menu with arrow pointing to Preferences. Arrow pointing to settings button.
  5. Click account -> Login with Cloudflare Zero Trust
    1. Preferences window. Arrow pointing to account tab on left panel. Arrow pointing to Login with Cloudflare Zero Trust.
  6. Click Next -> click accept.
  7. Enter Cortland at the prompt then click OK
    1. window. Enter your name: Text window with Cortland typed into it. Cancel button. OK button.
    2. This screen will look like this on a Mac. Enter Cortland at the prompt. 
    3. Enter your team name. Cancel button. Done button.
  8. This should then authenticate against ADFS. You may get a DUO prompt.
  9. After authenticating, you will get a prompt to open Warp. Click Open at this pop-up. 
    1. This site is trying to open Cloudflare WARP. Checkbox to always allow to open links of this type in the associated app. Button to open. Button to cancel.
  10. Once login completes, your WARP client should now say Zero Trust
    1. Zero trust window. Toggle to turn client on or off. Disconnected. Your Internet is not protected. Settings button.
  11. Close all work on your computer.
  12. Slide the toggle to on
    1. It should look like this
    2. Zero trust window. Toggle to turn client on or off. Connected. Your DNS queries and included routes are protected and faster. Settings button.
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