Classroom Laptop Use Instructions

Turn on the classroom system using the touch panel.

Select the Laptop icon on the touch panel.

Plug the HDMI cable into your computer’s HDMI port, or dongle adapter.


For PC’s

Use the keyboard shortcut “Windows Key” + “P”

This will pop up a window asking you to select your presentation options, select “Duplicate”.

For Mac’s

Use the keyboard shortcut Command + F1 to toggle mirrored display.

(If this doesn’t work, please try option below.)

Navigate to System Preferences -> Displays -> Display Settings, and for each display listed there will be an associated dropdown menu titled “Use As”.  For the computer’s built-in display make sure “Main Display” is selected, and that the second display that shows up labeled “Crestron” the option for “Mirror for Built-In Display” is selected.


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