Poll Everywhere for Students

Poll Everywhere for Students

Poll Everywhere is a web and SMS text-messaging student response system. During class, instructors display a Poll Everywhere activity on-screen and students respond with their devices. The results appear live on the screen for the class to discuss or for the instructor to grade. Instructors use Poll Everywhere to take attendance, give quizzes in classes, find out how well the class has understood a lesson, and generally make learning more active and the students more involved.

Responding to Activities

Respond via the mobile/desktop apps 

For quick, regular access to Poll Everywhere, it is best to download and install the associated participant response apps: 

Respond via the web

During class, an instructor will display a Poll Everywhere activity on-screen. The visualization will display the instructor's username for you to be able to join: pollev.com/username. From your phone, laptop, or tablet you will enter the web address and be taken to a screen that allows you to respond to the activity in real time. 

Respond via SMS

 If SMS responding is enabled, the instructions on the screen will appear slightly different. Here, you will be texting your instructor's username instead of inputting it into a web browser as a URL. ​​​​​​​

Poll Everywhere Student Guide​​​​​​​


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