Log in to the Point and Click (PNC) Web App

How to Access the PNC Web App

The Point and Click web app is available at https://healthapp.cortland.edu/

  • This web app is for health providers. Students should look for the link to the "Student Health Web Portal" in the Student section of MyRedDragon.
  • You must be on SUNY Cortland's network (either on-campus or connected to the VPN) to access this web app.


  1. Click "Sign In" on the PNC web app start page.

PNC web app start page

  1. You will see a Microsoft log in page. Enter your full SUNY Cortland username (name@cortland.edu).

Microsoft sign in page

  1. Next you'll go to the SUNY Cortland log in page (same as MyRedDragon). Enter your username and password.

SUNY Cortland myRdDragon login page

  1. After successfully logging in you'll see the PNC web app interface

PNC web app interface

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