The most essential part of the hardware/software ordering system is the orders themselves. The lifetime of an order is managed through the order interface, where you can alter an order, change its status, approve an order, etc.

To navigate to the order interface, simply click on an Order in one of the various queues, or click on an activity pertaining to a particular order.​

Every order has its own navigation menu which you can use to view different areas of the order, by default we are viewing the 'All Recipients'​ part of the order:

From here, we can alter any details about the order, view all recipients and all items of the order, view the customer information, etc.


​Every order needs to make its way through the approval workflow before it can be worked on.

Orders which are pending the approval process to complete will always have a status of 'Approval Pending.'​

An order that is pending approval will show a large notification similar to below:

To approve/decline this order, click on the 'Approvals' menu button:

Dean/Supervisor Approver

If you are a dean/supervisor who is approving an order you will see the following:

You can change the maximum amount approved as well as add a note to the approval. If you are not the final approver then you can select the next approver by simply typing in that person's last name and selecting them from the list of people found.

If you are the final approver then you do not have to select a new approver and this order will be routed to CTS to continue the approval workflow.

Note: If you decline the order, whatever text is in your 'Notes' field will be emailed to the customer as the reason for the decline of the order.

CTS/IR Approver

If you have the CTS or IR role and an order is awaiting approval you will see the following:

Note: CTS/IR approval does not have the option of selecting the next approver.

As CTS/IR role, you will not be the first person to approve this order. The approvals page will show details of every approval that has happened so far:

Assigning an Order

​Order assignment plays a crucial role in maintaining the workflow of an order.​​​

You can assign someone to an order by clicking on the 'All Recipients' menu button within an order:

To assign someone to this order, find the CTS Owner dropdown box under the General Info:

Select the CTS Owner from the dropdown list and then click on the 'Save Order' button.

Note: When an order is assigned to a person, they will receive an email notification as well as a notification in their Activity Feed. This will also make this order show up in that person's queue.

​​Altering Ordered Items

​​​​​​Throughout the lifetime of an order, an administrator will have to make many additions to an order. This may include adding additional items to an order, adding the actual price of an item, removing items, changing the item status, etc.​​

​​​​​​Add Actual Item Price

​To add the actual item price of an item for an order simply input the actual price in the appropriate text box:

Update Item Status

​To update a specific item's status simply select the new status in the 'Status' dropdown box for that item:

Add Item to Order

Hardware and software can both be added to an already existing order.

To add hardware to an existing order either select from the list of hardware maintained by the system to add or add a custom hardware:

Simply click the 'Add' button to add the item to the recipient for the order.

To add software to an existing order simply fill out the fields and click on the 'Add' button:

Note: Software can only be added to a recipient receiving hardware or a software order.

​​​Remove Order Items

To remove hardware or software from an existing order, simply click on the  button next to the item you wish to remove.​

​​Updating Order Status

​Maintaining the status of the order is a crucial component of a successful order. The order status lets the customer know the progress of the order overall and also helps administrators manage their orders better by placing them in different queues.

To update the status of a particular order, simply select the status from the dropdown list and then save the order:

Note: Do not change the status of an order until after the approval process has been completed.

​​​​Adding Order Notes

​Order notes consist of short snippets of information that may need to be attached to an order. Order notes are only visible to administrators (CTS and IR included).

To view order notes, click on the 'Notes' menu button:

To add an order note, fill out the text box and click on the 'Add Note' button:

Adding Order Files

​Attaching files to an order is an essential function, as many orders are placed with quoted prices already in hand.

To attach a file to an order, click on the 'Files' menu button:

To add an order file, select the file from the file browser, add a description, and click on the 'Add File' button:


Recharges are the final step in the lifecycle of an order. Although recharges will typically be done at the end of an order, they can be done at any time throughout the lifetime of an order.

To get to the recharges section of an order, click on the 'Recharges' menu button:

The recharges section will calculate total order prices to help:

To add a recharge for this order, click on the 'Add Recharge' button:

You can add one or many different recharges per order. This is useful when recharging for different items, or recharging to multiple accounts.

To save the recharges, click on the 'Save Recharges' button.

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