Advisement Orientation Term Update Instructions

Update Advisement Orientation Term


The Advisement Orientation Term Change job automates the process of changing the orientation term for Advisement by updating the database entry based on the provided term information.

Update Term

  1. Log in to Jenkins using your MyRedDragon credentials.
  1. Go to the Advisement Orientation Term Change page
  2. Once on the page, click Build with Parameters

4. Enter the NewTerm and OldTerm accordingly in their text boxes, in the six-digit format shown. (Steps 1 & 2 in the photo below)

5. Click the Build button to start the update. (Step 3 in the photo below)

If the job fails, you will receive an email with the specific error message. If a typographic mistake was made, simply update the terms and re-run the job. For assistance with any errors, click the Jenkins Support button on this page.

Otherwise, the update was successfully completed and no further actions are needed.

Jenkins Support


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