Email My Advisee(s) - Change of Service

Change of Service Details

If you are reading this, you clicked on the Email Your Advisee(s) link in myRedDragon. Previously, this link led to Self Service Banner. Effective 07/01/2023 Faculty should use Starfish to contact their Advisee(s). The Email Your Advisee(s) link in myRedDragon link is temporarily being routed to this Knowledge Base article to help faculty make the transition. Below, you will find some information about how to navigate Starfish. 

Starfish for Faculty

Starfish Overview Video

Send a Message to a Student

Messages sent in Starfish also send a copy to the recipients' SUNY Cortland email address. 

Send a Message to a Student

Add a Note to the Student Folder

Starfish can be used to capture a note directly on the Student Folder. One of the key benefits to choosing this option is the ability to share notes with other staff members. 

Add a Note to the Student Folder

Need Help?

Please contact The Technology Help Center for technical guidance. Please contact Advisement and Transition for advisement guidance. You may also utilize SUNY Cortland's Starfish webpage


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