Creating an EMS (Room Reservation System) account

This is the process a user must go through the first time they try to log in to EMS to make a room reservation.

Creating an Account

  1. Log in to MyRedDragon and go to the Faculty/Staff tab.
  2. Under the EMS header, click on the red Room Reservation System link.

Faculty Staff tab of MyRedDragon. Under the EMS header there is a link to click to access the Room Reservation System

  1. Click the HOME button in the top left corner of the screen.

EMS Landing screen. A message that "Access to this application is denied." is shown. This message can be ignored. The HOME button is below the EMS logo in the top left corner of the screen

  1. Click Create an AccountEMS Login page. Two buttons are in the center of the screen for "Sign in" and "Create an Account"
  2. Under Create An Account, fill out the required fields with your SUNY Cortland username and password, as well as name, phone number, and time zone. Click Create An Account.

EMS Account creation form. Fields are Email Address (required), Password (required), Confirm Password(required), Name (required), Phone 1 (required), Phone 2, Time Zone (required). The button for Create an account is below Time Zone

  1. Once the form has been submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to your Cortland email address. If you do not receive this confirmation email after a few minutes, click Resend Confirmation Email.

Account confirmation page. An option is in the center of the page to Resend Confirmation Email

  1. Open the EMS Web Application Account Confirmation email in your Cortland email inbox. Click the link in the email.EMS Confirmation email in the Outlook desktop app. The emai reads "To confirm your account and complete the sign up process, click the link appearing below:"
  2. You will be taken to a page saying Sign Up Complete. Your EMS account is now set up for reserving rooms.

EMS Sign in page. Sign up Complete. Congratulations! You have successfully signed up to use EMS! Sign in below.




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