Honors Convocation Scholarship Upload Instructions

Note: To see this text with screenshots of the different Jenkins screens, please view the pdf attachment located on the right-hand side of this article.
  1. Save the file to be uploaded as a CSV, ensuring the award names in it match the name as it appears in the Special Events Honors Convocation (HonCon) system.
    1. Make sure that the CSV to be uploaded is edited in Notepad.
    2. Note: New awards need to be added to the HonCon system before proceeding.
  2. Log in to Jenkins using your MyRedDragon credentials.
    1. http://automation.cortland.edu:8080/
    2. Note: You will need to be at the college or connected to the VPN to connect to Jenkins.
  3. Navigate to the job named “Honors Convocation Scholarship”.
    1. http://automation.cortland.edu:8080/job/Honors%20Convocation%20Scholarship%20Upload/
  4. Click on the “Build with Parameters” icon on the left-hand side of the job window.


  1. Upload the scholarship CSV by clicking on the “Choose File” button and selecting the file from your computer.
  2. Click the blue “Build” button to run the job.

The Jenkins job will run and should take 5 minutes or less to complete. In the Build History for the job (located in the bottom left of the job screen – step 2a) you will see a green checkmark if the job ran successfully and a red X if it did not.

If there is a failure while running the job (a red X), an e-mail will automatically be sent to the person running the job with a description of what failed.

Once the upload is successful, all award recipients will be listed in the Honors Convocation system.

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