Argos Honors Convocation GPA Verification

Logging in: 

  1. Access the Argos log-in page by going to: 

  • You will see the following log-in screen: 


  1. Your username and password will be your SUNY Cortland log-in. You may choose to select
    “Remember this user” before signing in if you are using a computer for which you are the primary
    user. Enter your information and click “Sign In” in the bottom-right corner.


Note: Do NOT include “” in your Username



  1. The next screen describes Argos and gives you two options: Argos Web Viewer and Argos 


  • Argos Web Viewer: Compatible with both Macs and Windows computers, this version of Argos runs in your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) 

  • Argos: Only available for Windows computers, this option will download the Argos client (mini-program) and will provide the user with the same options as the Argos Web Viewer. 

Note: The instructions going forward in this document are written for the
Argos Web Viewer. 


  1. Click the “Argos Web Viewer” button. This will cause a new window to open: 



  1. On the left-hand side, you’ll see a blue folder icon with the label “Commencement Reports” next to it. Click on it.