Adding and Editing Alt Text

To add or edit alt text to an image or figure on an Adobe pdf

  1. Double-click the image while the Reading Order shading is employed
  2. Right click to open the drop down menu
  3. Choose Edit Alternate Text
  4. Enter the alt text in the field provided or edit the existing text
  5. Select OK


  1. Choose Set Alternate Text from the Accessibility panel on the right side of the screen
  2. A Set Alternate Text dialog box will open showing the  information for the first image/figure.
  3. Enter or edit the alt text or select the checkbox to denote the figure as decorative
  4. Select the right arrow to move to the next image/figure or choose Save & Close to close the dialog box

 Set Alternate Text dialog box 


This second method is a good way to review all the images/figures in your document to make sure the alt text is correct. Because it always starts from the first image however, to change or add alt text to only one image the first method may be preferred.

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