Creating a pdf from a web page

One very common way to get information from the web is to create a pdf out of a selected web page. However, a pdf that you create from a web page is only as accessible as the HTML source that it is based on. Consequently, the results can range from accessible to completely inaccessible depending on the complexity of the web page.

There are some ways to create a pdf from a web page that improve the likelihood of a creating an accessible pdf.

Select and copy the web page

The only way to always create a complete and accessible pdf from a web page, is to select the information on the web page by holding down the left mouse button, and copying the information to Word.

Follow the directions for making an accessible Word documents.


Create File from Acrobat

  1. Find the webpage you would like to make into a pdf
  2. Copy the url of the page
  3. Open Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
  4. In Acrobat from the File tab choose Create > PDF from Web Page
  5. Paste the url in the dialog box that opens
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