Special Issues in Excel

In addition to the previous items, there are some special issues in Excel

1. Give all sheets unique names and remove blank sheets

Screen readers read sheet names, which provide information about what is found on the worksheet, making it easier to understand the contents of a workbook and navigate through it.


2. Use a simple table structure and specify column header information

Screen readers use header information to identify rows and columns so you should ensure that tables don't contain split cells, merged cells, nested tables or completely blank rows or columns.

Screen readers keep track of their location in a table by counting table cells. If a table is nested within another table or if a cell is merged or split, the screen reader loses count and can't provide helpful information about the table after that point.


3. Do not merge cells

Merged cells cause a screen reader to lose track of its location. Instead;

  1. Select the cells that would be merged
  2. Open the Format Cells dialog box (arrow at the bottom of the Alignment group)
  3. In the Horizontal field choose Center Across Selection

 Format Cells dialog box

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