Add Banner Calendar to Outlook

Request Access

Submit a ticket to Information Systems and Security requesting access to the Banner Calendar in MS Teams using the Request Access to Info Systems (previously admin comp) Reports folder form. In Folder field enter "Banner Calendar in MS Teams."

Add the Calendar from SharePoint

1. Once you've been added to the group, click on following link to launch the Banner Users Group Calendar on Sharepoint:

2. Select the Calendar tab.

3. Select the Connect to Outlook option. (If prompted, select Open Link, then select YES on the pop-up.)

Note: The calendar will appear as a toggleable option under the Other Calendars section circled on the left in the image below. The circled arrow at the top allows you to control whether the calendar appears to the side of your calendar or overlaid on top of it (as in the example).

The image is a screenshot of Microsoft Outlook, currently open to the calendar page. The Banner calendar is in green and overlaid on top of the personal calendar which is blue. There is a circled arrow at the top of the banner calendar tab, and the toggle for the calendar is circled on the bottom left.



Add the Calendar from the Outlook Desktop Client (Microsoft 365 Version)


  1. Open Outlook and select the Calendar Icon.
  2. In the upper Right corner of the Ribbon Menu, select “ + Add ”
  3. From the Drop-down menu select “From Internet…”
  4. A Dialog Box will pop up requesting the location of the internet calendar.
  5. Copy and Paste the URL for the SharePoint link into the Dialog Box.
  6. Note: Calendars can be overlayed, by right-clicking on the calendar name and selecting ‘overlay.’

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Add the Calendar from the Outlook Desktop Client (2016 Version)

The Office 2016 Version follows the same method, but its icons and layout are slightly different.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


Add the calendar from the Outlook Online (

  1. Outlook online uses the same method of copying and pasting the SharePoint URL.
  2. Once Outlook is opened and you’ve navigated to the calendar, select “Add Calendar.”
  3. From the pop-up window select “Subcribe from web.”
  4. The copy and paste the SharePoint URL.
  5. Note, you can give the Calendar a custom name, color, and icon.
  6. When finished, select Import.

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Add a New Entry to the Banner Calendar

1. Right-click on a Date and select New Appointment

    Note: It does not have to be the Date requiring an entry.

Banner Calendar View


2. In the new window, enter the title of the event.

Balendar Calendar - New Entry


3. If needed, change the Date.

    Generally the time can be left at the default value, but if necessary, the time can be updated.


4. Click Save & Close

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