Select Survey: Setting Time Zone and Editing Virtual Tour

Accessing Select Survey

Navigate to to log in, use your NetID and password.  If you use your email address you will be logged in but not to the right area of the software.

select survey log in

Disabling tour and setting time zone

When you first log into Select Survey you will be presented with the new dashboard and a software tour will pop-up.  

selectsurvey landing page


In order to turn off the software tour you will need to access the Preferences area.  In the upper right corner hover over your name and choose Preferences. 

selectsurvey account preferences


From here you can update your time zone to your local time zone 

timezone update


From this page you can also turn off the Guided Tour.

turn off guided tour

Choose Save to save your changes.

If you do not have a Select Survey account, please send an email to, requesting an account.



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