Mapping Shared Folders

Mapping Shared Folders on Windows

For most department shared folders users get access simply by working for the department. In some cases the access is granted by request. If you follow these steps and get a message that access is denied, have your supervisor or the administrative assistant for the department whose folder it is submit a request for you to get access using this form.

  1. Open File Explorer.

    windows search for file explorer
  2. Click on This PC on the left side.

    file explorer window
  3. Click Computer then Map Network Drive at the top.

    map network drive button

  4. Enter the folder path, example: \\shares\department and select a letter for the drive. (The letter cannot be A, B C D, or U)

    share drive setting page

Mapping Shared Folders on Mac

  1. Open Finder
  2. Click the toolbar option Go and select Connect to Server
  3. In the Server Address field type smb://shares/department  (replace department with the department or folder name)
  4. Select the "+" option to save the shares drive to your Favorite Servers list
  5. Click Connect


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