Respondus Lockdown Browser - Set-up

Respondus Lockdown Browser helps mitigate cheating on online exams. When set up, students will need to download a specialized browser compatible with their computer to take the exam. The browser prevents students from printing, browsing the internet, copy/pasting, and opening other applications.

NOTE: The students must download the Respondus LockDown Browser from the website linked in their directions. It is specific to SUNY Cortland.

You must first have the test created before setting up the Lockdown Browser.

Setting up your Test

  1. Once you’ve created the test, on the Course Management pane, navigate to Course Tools
  2. Click on Respondus LockDown Browser (You must go to the Respondus LockDown Browser link in the Course Management area each time that you make changes)
    Respondus Lockdown Browser in Course Management
  3. You will then see a Splash Screen with tabs that link to Video Tutorials, Getting Started, and Resources for the Respondus LockDown Browser. Use these resources to learn more about the functionality of the browser.
    About Lockdown Browser
  4. Click on Continue to LockDown Browser
  5. You will see a list of the Tests, Quizzes, and Surveys in your course.                                  Respondus test options
  6. Click on the botton with the carat next to the test that you wish to use the LockDown browser with
  7. Then click on Settings
    Respondus Lockdown Browser settings
  8. The LockDown Browser Settings will open up
  9. Select Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam
    Lockdown Browser settings


NOTE: Do NOT enter a Password!


  1. Click Save + Close
  2. Your test is now set up for the LockDown Browser
    Lockdown Browser required


NOTE: After you do this process, in Password Settings, you will see a password has been set. DO NOT CHANGE THIS PASSWORD. The password will be embedded into the LockDown browser. It’s how Blackboard knows not to let students take the test unless the browser is being used.

Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings menu gives you additional options

  1. Lock students into the browser until exam is completed
  2. Allow students to take this exam with an iPad (No other devices are covered)
  3. Allow access to specific external web domains
  4. Enable Calculator on the toolbar (Since it blocks all applications on your computer, so it will only display their built-in calculator)
  5. Enable Printing from the toolbar

Advanced Settings options


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