COVID Vaccine Recorder - Scanning a Document for Upload

If you are planning to upload a document to a website or app there are three basic steps:

  1. Capture the document image,
  2. Save the image somewhere that is accessible, this may be your laptop or desktop computer or your phone,
  3. Find the document and upload it

There are different ways to capture a document image, depending on the type of document you have as well as the type of device you have to capture it. In this instance we are trying to take a scan of your COVID vaccine card using either a scanner on your phone or the multi-function device at your office, and upload it to the Vaccine Recorder App.


Scan using a smartphone app

There are many scanner apps for your smartphone including AdobeScan, Microsoft Office Lens, SwiftScan and CamScanner. This example uses CamScanner, which is a free scanning app.


1. Open the scanning app on your phone

Cam Scanner phone icon

2. Select the ‘new scan’ icon, it will probably be a camera

New Scan icon


3. When the document is shown on the screen, is in focus click the camera icon again

4. The document will be shown with 8 ‘handles’ (dots) around it. These can be adjusted in case they capture more area than just the document or not enough of the document.