Clearning Cache and Cookies in Browsers

Try another browser

Anytime you are encountering a problem accessing an application or webpage in one browser, try to access the same application or webpage in another browser.

Common Chrome errors

In Chrome, you may encounter a couple of errors in myRedDragon when trying to access certain apps or links. two of the most common are 

The first is  SSO error which you may encounter when trying to access Blackboard 

Sign on error message in black box.

The second is Bad Request-Request Too Long HTTP Error 400. The size of the request is too long. 

Most Compatible Browser

Firefox is the most compatible browser. In addition to Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge generally have issues.

Clearing your cache

Clearing your cache, browsing history and cookies does help. Refer to the support links in each browser on how to clear your cache and cookies. 





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