Blackboard - Submitting an Assignment

In Blackboard, you’ll eventually have to submit an assignment.

The icon with paper, pencil and ruler indicates that an assignment is to be submitted.

Assignment icon

Submitting Initial Assignment

To submit your assignment, choose the assignment name or title.

Assignmet icon and red arrow pointing to the title of the assignment

Different instructors have different settings. Generally, the screen will be laid out in the same manner for a initial submission.

1. Assignment Information. Points and rubrics (if available) are listed in this area as well as the due date. Assignment instructions are also listed.

Assignment Information area


  1. Assignment Submission Some instructors prefer you to use the text submission box. Others prefer an attached file. Make sure you follow instructors’ directions for submitting assignments.  


Assignment Submission 


Save and upload as .docx or pdf. Do NOT upload MAC Pages or Google docs. 

If you’d like to leave any comments regarding the assignment, do so in

  1. Add Comments

comment box for assignmnet


When you are ready to hand in your assignment choose Submit.


You’ll see a  Success! bar and confirmation code at the top of the submission box when your assignment is handed in. If you do not see this bar, log out and back in to the assignment to check that the assignment submission worked. If no assignment appears, repeat the process being sure that the file is a doc, pdf, mp4, jpeg, or ppt.

Google docs and/or MAC pages fies must be exported or saved as a .doc or .pdf file. 


Students will receive an email message from with assignment submission details as well as a confirmation number that the assignment has been successfully submitted. 

If you want to check your submission later on, you can do so by clicking the assignment name, the same way you accessed the submission box the first time.




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