Blackboard - Creating Assignments

General Assignment building

Navigate to a content area within Blackboard, point to “Assessments” and click “Assignment.

Assessments menu with Assignment circled in red.

Provide a name, instructions, supplemental files (optional), and the assignment due date.

Assignment Information panel including Assignment name, File Attachments, and Due Dates.


Grading Options

Grading section.

Enter in the total points possible and add any rubrics you have created or want to create. Then you’ll have 3 option groups to select from:

  • Submission details – Here, you can change the way the assignment is distributed. You can change it from each

students having one assignment to groups of students sharing (Works in conjunction with groups) or have students submit their Blackboard portfolio as the assignment. You can also change the number of attempts and choose SafeAssign options.
Submission Details panel expanded.

  • Grading Options – allows for setting up anonymous grading and delegated grading. Anonymous will hide the names of the students’ submissions, though it will not hide them if they’re written on the assignment itself. E.g. It will hide the name on Blackboard, but if the student wrote their name on their paper, it will show there. Delegated grading is useful if you have a GA or co-instructor and would like to delegate specific submissions for grading to each role.
    Grading Options panel expanded.

  • Display of Grades – determines what will be shown to the students when they look at their grades through Blackboard and whether or not you want the grade to be calculated in the calculated columns in the grade center.
    Display of Grades panel expanded.


Last, you must set the availability dates of the assignment and choose whether or not to track the number of views. Do note that if you uncheck “Make the Assignment Available”, it will not automatically become available. It will override any date settings. Click Submit when finished.

Availability and Display options.



Safe Assign is a plagiarism tool that is part of Blackboard Learn. It checks student submitted assignments against a database of student work from multiple institutions.

To enable SelfAssign, under Submission Details > Plagiarism Tools, click the box to select Check submissions for plagiarism using SafeAssign. SafeAssign will generate a report of possible plagiarism.

Plagiarism Tools portion of Submission Details panel.

There are two options that are available:

  • Allow students to view SafeAssign originality report for their attempts.
    This option will allow the students to view the originality report for their submission to allow them to be aware of potential plagiarism and to avoid it in their final submissions.
  • Exclude submissions from the Institutional and Global References Databases.
    This will not submit the papers to the databases, and should be used for draft assignments so that the student’s own paper will not be included in comparing their final submission for plagiarism.

Blackboard Help on reading the SafeAssign Originality Report.


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