Connect Non-Campus Windows PC Computer to a Department Networked Printer

To connect to a printer, the user must be in a security group which has permission to the printer they wish to add as a printing destination.

Permission for student access to a department network printer must be submitted to The Help Center by a department staff or faculty member. Student use of a campus department network printer is only for the student’s need as pertains to an agreement between the student and the faculty member and/or department. All other student printing should be submitted to the WEPA printing system if the student does not have their own printer.

Please contact The Help Center by phone, 607-753-2500, or by email,, for assistance.


Connect to a Department Printer

  1. Connect to Cortland-WiFi, not any other Cortland wireless, using your Cortland user account.

Note: These instructions will only work when connected to the Cortland-WiFi wireless network or with a campus wired network connection.