Microsoft TEAMS Integration in Blackboard

Microsoft Teams for Blackboard

Microsoft has created an application that allows instructors to create a Teams meeting and share that with their students.

The Teams Meeting can be organized into an appropriate area of the course. You may want to consider a folder specific to meetings or sessions. If your course is organized by weeks or other sequence, you may want to place a meeting session into the correct place within that structure

Launch Microsoft Teams

On the Control Panel, select Course Tools. Select Microsoft Teams.

Course Management Pane

Allow Integration on first time use, Click ALLOW

Blackboard LTI Integration

When the Microsoft Teams Meeting Scheduler application opens, select Sign In.

Welcome to TEAMS


Sign in with your Microsoft Office365 Active Directory credentials. The first time you sign in, you may have to grant permissions. Select Accept to continue.

Create Teams Meeting for your course

Create Teams meeting for your course

•           Select Create meeting link.

•           Type a name for your meeting.

•           Choose a Start Date, Start Time, End Date, and End Time.

•           Select Create.

•           Select Add to Calendar to add the meeting to your calendar and course content. The meeting gets added to your calendar automatically and the URL copies to your clipboard.

•           Optionally, select Join Microsoft Teams Meeting to launch the meeting.

•           Optionally, select Meeting options to configure additional settings for your meeting.

Meeting Features

Select your course name in the breadcrumb to return to your course. Your meeting appears in the first Content Area of your course based on the Course Menu sequence and in your Calendar.

Your Microsoft Teams meeting defaults to Adaptive release timing. The meeting displays for your students one hour before the meeting start time. 

JOIN a Meeting

Select the meeting name or copy the meeting URL and paste it into a web browser.

Choose how you want to join the meeting, in the app or on the web.

Download options

You may need to allow camera and microphone permissions. Select Allow to continue.

Configure your meeting settings and type your name if prompted.

If you're a meeting presenter, your name should already appear in the text area. There's no need to type it again.

Meet Now

Select Join now.


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