Webex - Recording

As the host of a meeting, you can record the meeting for viewing later.


Record your meeting

  1. While the meeting is open choose the Recorder button from the menu at the bottom of your screen. Only the meeting host will have a record button.

Record button


  1. You will have the option to record in the cloud or on your computer. It is recommended that you choose the cloud.

Recording options

  1. Meeting participants will receive a notification that looks like this

Meeting recording notification

  1. To designate recording there will be a red dot at the top of your screen and if you move your cursor to the bottom middle of your screen you will see the recorder with the recording time designated. You can choose the 'x' in the top right corner of the recorder to close the box, this will not stop the meeting recording.



  1. When you want to stop recording select the Stop button on the Recorder. If you have closed the recorder, select the Record button again to open it.

the Stop recording button

Please note that selecting Pause will pause and then recording again will continue with the same file. If you choose Stop recording and then start another recording during the same meeting, two separate files will be created. You will be reminded of this with the next prompt

Stop recording information

  1. Your recording will take some time to generate. If you have made a class-length recording, it may take as long as overnight for the recording to become available. When the recording is available you will receive an email notification:

email notification of recording availability



Your Recordings

If you have chosen to record your meeting in the cloud, the meeting recording will be found on the Recordings tab of your Webex home page.

Recordings tab


When you select the Recording tab you will see a list of all your recorded meetings. The name of the meeting will be either the title of the meeting or the name of your personal room.